Air Temperature in Cyprus!

In broad lines, Cyprus’s climate is characterised by hot summers and mild winters. There is a significant seasonal difference between mid-summer and mid-winter temperatures that ranges from 18°C inland to about 14°C on the coast. The difference in daily maximum and night minimum temperatures is also quite significant. In winter they range from 8° to 10°C on the lowlands and 5°to 6°C on the mountains and in summer from 16°C on the central plain and 9°to 12°C elsewhere.

Daily temperatures during the hottest months of July and August,range between 29°C on the central plain and 22°C on the Troodos Mountains. The average maximum temperatures for these two months range between 36°C and 27°C. In January, the coolest month, the indicative daily temperature is 10°C on the central plain and 3°C on the higher parts of the Troodos Mountains while the average minimum temperatures are 5° C and 0°C.