Charalambos (Harry) Constantinou

Harry started scuba diving when he was young and at the age of 14 he got his first certificate as scuba diver from NAUI. Since then he’s been diving regularly and has completed many other NAUI courses (Advanced, Rescue, Nitrox, Master) whilst still being a student at the English School Nicosia.

At the age of 19, in 2003, he joined the Special Forces of the Cypriot National Guard, and in April 2004, age 20, he graduated from the Underwater Demolotion Teams School of the Navy (Navy SEALS), as a Navy Seal (“OYK”) with the rank of petty officer (highest rank for team member).

In February 2005, Harry became a NAUI Scuba Diver Instructor, and he has since been teaching scuba diving professionaly.

He also holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computing for Business Applications and a Masters in Enterprise (MEnt) in Business from the Manchester Business School (MBS) of the University of Manchester.