‘Summer Divers’

Established in 2007, ‘Summer Divers’ is a specialist scuba diving school offering recreational scuba diving courses, excursions, trips and diving holidays for those with an adventurous spirit!

Our friendly and dedicated team has a wealth of experience and strives to provide you with the recreational adventure and excitement you deserve.

We offer diving courses, excursions, trips and holidays, to individuals, couples, families, groups, clubs and schools. We have expanded our activity choices to not only include some fantastic diving excursions around Cyprus and the rest of the world but also other adventurous activities such as wake boarding, water skiing, kayaking, canyoning, jet skiing, hiking, rock climbing, camping, freediving, spearfishing, tuna fishing but also cultural tours in some awesome locations.

Photos from our excursions


‘Take A Closer Look’ by the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI), the world’s oldest and most respected diver training agency in the world!

BECOME A NAUI SCUBA DIVER! NAUI is an industry leader in training for scuba divers across the globe. Becoming a NAUI Scuba Diver means earning a certification to dive that identifies you as someone who has demonstrated the skills to be both competent and confident as a diver. Every day you wait to get certified is a day of lost diving. Once you experience the thrill and excitement of scuba diving you’ll wonder why you ever waited. Become a NAUI Scuba Diver and unlock experiences that will change your life forever. Book your beginner diving certification course now at ‘Summer Divers’!

Scuba Continuing Education with NAUI! NAUI is an industry leader in training for scuba divers across the globe. By continuing your training through the NAUI program of advanced and specialty scuba diving courses, you’ll discover exciting new opportunities to ramp up the action — in addition to your comfort and confidence — on your path to becoming a complete diver. Book your diving certification course now at ‘Summer Divers’!